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Modern Yogini + Ancient Tradition
Yoga Teacher + life coach

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I have experienced many wonderful teachers in my 12 years of practicing yoga. However, there has not been one teacher that moved me or challenged me the way Natalie does. She is truly the most amazing yoga teacher I have come in contact with. She takes her time teaching the postures, she is patient and kind. Her knowledge of the yoga practice is beyond anything I have encountered."   


La Vita è Bella

Life coaching

a new offering

Over the years my personal study and of Traditional Tantra and Yoga have continued to expand further and further beyond the 'yoga mat.' As my understanding and appreciation for these ancient bodies of wisdom have deepened, so has the impact they have had on my life in its entirety.

Work with my longterm clients has gradually grown more holistically integrated.

We are not limited to a practice consisting solely of asana, pranayama and meditation - though those are still essential. Our sessions now take on a more conversational, exploratory format.


We discuss life. And our practice's impact on our experience of the world.

We dig into personal relationships, career choices, nutrition, sleep, and an overall sense of joyful wellbeing. 

It is from this natural evolution that La Vita è Bella was born.


If you are looking for guidance on how to engage with your whole life as the 'real' practice, I would love to offer my support. Learn more by clicking the link below. Then reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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