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Yoginis in community
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Traditional Tantric Yoga Teacher Trainings

Śakti sādhanā

200 - hour

September 2024 - September 2025


Embodied Śakti


October 2024 - January 2026


Immerse yourself in the world of Traditional Tantric Yoga and follow the path of the Masters of the Himalayan Tradition.

Set out on a journey which will eventually yield life's greatest reward - freedom, fulfillment, and remembrance of who you truly are.



The intention for both of these trainings is to share the philosophies and practices of the Himalayan Tradition of Tantric Yoga in a way which touches your heart, transforms your life, and empowers you to effectively carry the light of a living tradition.


Tantra, Yoga and Sankhya philosophy are the sources of wisdom and techniques at the heart of Śakti Sādhanā and Embodied Śakti .  These ancient spiritual systems are as practical as they are profound. Their collective purpose is to guide you, grant you access to the inherent sacredness of life, and elevate your relationship to yourSelf and reality. The combined wisdom of Tantra, Yoga and Sankhya sheds light on everything - from the most practical and worldly, to the most subtle and sublime. In order to fully understand and experience the scope and ultimate promise of Yoga, we draw from the wisdom of Sankhya and the beauty of Tantra - one the most life-affirming and all-inclusive spiritual systems ever developed - and the light of a living tradition.

Śakti sādhanā (200-hours) is a deep exploration of your Self through the lens of the ancient wisdom bodies of

yoga, tantra and Sankhya. This 12-month 200-hour training will introduce you to their vast and glorious

world view and grant you a transformative experience through the teachings and techniques of this tradition. It will also impart a highly effective teaching methodology which will empower you to guide truly impactful and transformative yoga experiences for your future students. Though only 200-hours, Śakti sādhanā is still quite an advanced training and is appropriate not only for practitioners transitioning into the role of teacher for the first time - but also experienced teachers seeking a thorough introduction to the Tantric tradition.

Embodied Śakti (300-hours) is an advanced course of study for experienced teachers and practitioners of the Tantric tradition. We will build on your foundational understanding of yoga and tantra by further developing the subtly profound nuances accessible in both individual paths - and the magic that emerges as the two are woven together with finessed expertise. Embodied Śakti is best suited for teachers with at least a foundational understanding and experience of Tantric yoga, and ideally a few years experience of teaching. This training will be very practice oriented, improving the likelihood of genuine embodiment of the tradition through direct experience, and increasing your capacity for transmission in your teaching.

*If you are an experienced Yoga Teacher, but new to Tantra, yet have a strong desire to study and incorporate the wisdom of this tradition, Embodied Śakti may still be the appropriate training for you. I will be offering three Bridge Courses this year prior to the start of the training, which will provide the foundational understanding necessary. If accepted into Embodied Śakti, the cost of these Bridge Courses will be subsumed into the tuition for the complete training. 

WHAT MAKES these trainings UNIQUE?


Rooted in the tradition passed down by the Himalayan Masters, both Śakti Sādhanā and Embodied Śakti draw from ancient wisdom to create a holistic approach to modern practice and life. They are designed to both develop your personal practice and prepare you to embrace your role as an ethical, empowered, impactful teacher fully capable of carrying and passing on the light of a living tradition.


Śakti Sādhanā introduces the philosophies of this Tradition and teaches the fundamental practices and systems for sharing the tradition in an authentic and meaningful way. 


Embodied Śakti deepens your understanding of Tantra and Yoga, and how to share them in a way which blends traditional methodology with embodied intuition. The structure of the training provides the opportunity to empower and engage with your practice to develop an authentic voice in your teaching that is uniquely your own - yet still authentically represents the Tradition. This can only be done by embodying the teachings through dedicated direct experience guided and supported by an embodied teacher.

Every module in each of the trainings is mindfully crafted for an immersive experience combined with practical, effective teaching methodology. The modules are woven together in a wise progression to deliver knowledge, appreciation, and direct experience of the teachings and techniques of the Tradition.

Contents of Śakti Sādhanā

Module One : What is Yoga? 

Explore the historical context of yoga from the Vedas to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to begin to answer the quetion, what is yoga, precisely? How does it look in theory and in practice? How can we embrace it as a lifestyle, rather than merely exercise on a mat? In this module you will also be introduced to the Himalayan Tradition and what it means to study under the guidance and support of a living lineage.

Module Two : Wise Progression on Retreat in Tuscany

How can we maximize the various components of a complete Tantric Yoga practice (postures, breath, relaxation, meditation + more) for the most impactful practice? In this module we will learn more about each of these various components and discover wise ways to select and sequence them in order to create a truly transformative experience for our students and ourselves.

Module Three : Anatomy & The Six Categories of Asana

This module is an examination of the major bones, muscles + joints involved in the asana practice, as well as an understanding of the nervous system and how we can access it through the body, the breath, and our mind's power of concentration. We will discuss the difference between the form and the function of the various categories of yoga postures, how to optimize safety by offering modifications appropriate for a wide range of students.

Module Four: The Worldview & Methodology OF TANTRA

Tantra is an ancient body of wisdom, a worldview, and a system of techniques which help us to maximize our experience of being human. Embracing the truth that all of creation is sacred, Tantra is that which moves us toward an embodied experience of this truth by helping us manage our energy, accelerating our progress, touching our hearts, and protecting us along every step of the path.

Module Five : Your Subtle Body

We are more than flesh and bone. Tantric Yoga gives us tools for understanding, uncovering, and utilizing our subtle nature to help us maximize our practice, and our experience of being human. In this module we will explore the koshas (layers of the self), the nadis (energy channels), chakras (energy centers), our pranic field, and more. We will also play with effective ways to weave subtle body techniques into the complete practice.

Module Six : Playing with Prana

What is the nature of the life force known as Prana? How do we develop sensitivity to it, increase our access to it, and work with it to expand our capacity for growth and evolution? This is where the magic begins, taking the practice from one of a purely physical experience to one in which we can sense that we are not, and never truly have been, alone.

Module Seven : Pranaakti and Pranayama in Meditation

Meditation is the pinnacle of the complete Tantric Yoga practice. Why? How can we develop a meaningful meditation experience which nurtures and nourishes us and makes us eager to come back for more? First, by developing a meaningful relationship with the divine in Her form as Pranaśakti.


Module Eight : Ayurveda & Developing Your Personal Practice

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Where Yoga is primarily oriented toward spiritual endeavors, Ayurveda is oriented toward health through balance of the various bodies. In this module we will explore a selection of approaches to maintaining this balance such as diet, self-care, prescriptive approaches to asana, pranayama and meditation, and more. In this module we will discover how you can customize your personal practice to compliment your ritual of self care, heal and nourish yourself in highly specific ways, and commit to a dedicated practice that evolves with you and accelerates your progress on the path.

Module Nine : Tantric Meditation & Mantra

As we discovered in Module One, yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It is a spiritual path. In this module we will entertain one of the most elusive elements of yoga, Ishvara Pranidhana - trustful surrender. We will also enjoy the bliss inducing practice of Bhakti, and the swiftest path to samadhi (enlightenment), Mantra Sadhana.

Module Ten : Living Your Dharma

Dharma is one of our soul's four primary desires. It is the desire to fulfill your unique desire. In this module we will begin to discover what this purpose is, what may be standing in your way of fulfilling it, and how to overcome those obstacles. This Tantric approach to self-discovery has the potential to be truly life changing.

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Contents of Embodied Śakti


Module One : The Devimahatmya - Confronting Our Demons

 The Devimahatmya, a spiritual classic, addresses the perennial questions of the nature of the universe, humankind, and divinity. How are they related, how do we live in a world torn between good and evil, and how do we find lasting fulfillment and ultimate freedom? The Devimahatmya speaks to us across the ages of the experiences and beliefs of our ancient ancestors. We sense their enchantment at nature's bounty and their terror before its destructive fury, their recognition of the good and evil in the human heart, and their understanding that everything in our experience is the expression of a greater reality, personified as the Divine Mother. In this module we will study this ancient text as a map of the inner workings of our own mind and heart. What can we discover about both our darkness and our light and the vital role each play in the world and in our life?

Module Two : Wise Progression - Retreat In Tuscany

 How can we maximize the various components of a complete Tantric Yoga practice (postures, breath, relaxation, meditation and more) for the most impactful practice? In this module we will learn more about each of these various components and discover wise ways to select and sequence them in order to create a truly transformative experience for our students and ourselves.

Module Three : Tantric Methodology - Moon, Sun & Fire

 Building upon our foundational understanding of Tantra as both a worldview and a methodology, in this module we will explore how to further incorporate the beauty of tantra into our experience of both practice and life. We will also concentrate our efforts on refining our utilization of the system of Moon, Sun & Fire.

Module Four : Abhyasa & Vairagya - The Balance Of Self Effort & Surrender

 The path of yoga is two-fold. It is both a 'moving toward' that which resonates more purely with our true essence, often through practice - or what we actually 'do', as well as a 'moving away from' that which is keeping us bound to false beliefs and misperceptions regarding ourself and the nature of reality. The 'moving toward' part of the path is known as abhyasa. The 'moving away' is vairagya. In this module we will explore the role of - and the balance between - them both.

Module Five : Developing Vinyasa Krama - Further Focus On Sequencing

Wise Sequencing - of an individual practice, a workshop, a training or a retreat - is the differentiating factor between a yoga teacher capable of guiding impactful experiences which bring the practitioner through a process of alchemy which serves to further free and fulfill, and a yoga teacher capable of simply helping the practitioner 'feel' good. In this module we will hone our skills in sequencing through a balance of systematic methodology and intuition. 

Module Six : Developing Pranayama - Dissolving The Veil

 Pranayama is the most effective tool at our disposal for attenuating the veil of ignorance which keeps us trapped in our seemingly endless cycle of confusion, delusion, and suffering. In this module we will learn a tried-and-true series of pranayama techniques developed to liberate us from our ignorance and reunite us with our innate intelligence.

Module Seven : Chitta Prasadanam - Purify The Mind 

Sutra 1:33 offers profound wisdom regarding the process of purifying our mind. This sutra introduces us to the four most potent contaminants that poison the human mind. It explains the impact these contaminants have on our lives and spiritual pursuits. And, most importantly, it defines quite clearly how to liberate ourselves from them by giving one antidote for each contaminant. As yoga teachers it is vital that we be constantly purifying our minds in order to become and remain a pure vessel for these teachings.

Module Eight : Subtle Embodiment - Explore The Koshas, Chakras & Vayus

 Take a deeper and more nuanced dive into the subtle body through practices which give you direct experience of your sacred essence. Utilizing our intellectual understanding of the koshas, chakras, and vayus, we will discover how best to work with these understandings to facilitate meaningful experiences for our students and ourselves.

Module Nine : Discipline To Devotion - Awakening To Kundalini 

At some point on the path of yoga our pursuits, which may have initiated as physically, mentally, or philosophically motivated, will inevitably become spiritual in nature. This 'spiritualization' of life through yoga is one way of experiencing an awakening to Kundalini Śakti, our latent spiritual potential. In this module we will source ancient texts for a keener understanding of Kundalini and chart a course for our own awakening to Her beauty and potency.

Module Ten : Vishoka - Joy Beyond The Reach Of Suffering

 Sutra 1:36 is a treasure trove of esoteric wisdom summarized in a statement which translates, roughly, as 'by resting awareness on the experience of joy beyond all suffering, and your own innate inner luminosity, the mind will sustain a peaceful state of inwardly flowing awareness.' This sutra is at the heart of the Sri Vidya tradition of Tantric Yoga. It holds the key for our lasting freedom and ultimate fulfillment. In this module we will adventure through the philosophical terrain of this sutra as well as engage with the practices developed to help us reach that terrain and remain established in it. 

Module Eleven : Mantra & The Sacred Fire 

Mantra and sacred ritual are key portals to divine union by way of the Tantric path. In this module we will examine some of the more mystical elements of this tradition and entertain how you may wish to incorporate them in your own practice and your teaching.

Module Twelve : Diagnostics - The Right Practice At The Right Time

 Now that we've developed a nuanced understanding of many philosophies, practices, techniques, and methodologies, let's discuss how we can assess the unique needs of our students and deliver the most effective practice or series of practices to meet them where they are and deliver them to the experience of freedom and fulfillment. This is when your teaching can become prescriptive and play a more refined role in another's empowerment and healing.

Module Thirteen : Dharma - Heed Your Unique Calling 

We are all unique expressions of divine reality, called to walk a path that is uniquely ours and express our individuality. Similarly, we have all been called to teach yoga for different reasons, and the world needs us all to use our unique voice and heed our individual calling in order to play a vital role in universal healing. In this module we will immerse ourselves in self inquiry to uncover what truly makes us tick. What lights me up? What gets me out of bed in the morning? What was I born into this life to do? Who was I born to be? What is the impact I, uniquely, am meant to have in this world? Upon answering some of these life altering questions, we will explore how you can heed your calling within the context of teaching yoga.

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The Commitment


Śakti sādhanā and embodied Śakti meet live one weekend each month - not including the integration months - Śakti sādhanā for 12 months, and embodied Śakti for 16 months. In addition to the live gatherings you will have access to pre-recorded practice and lecture content and self-guided assignments you can navigate at your own pace between our formal gatherings. We will also practice together once a week as a complete community, and each individual training will also have access to 'office hours' for additional face time with the teachers. 


Here you will find the dates for both trainings. Both trainings gather Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Times are also listed below. 

Śakti sādhanā

2024 - 2025 SCHEDULE


27 - 29 September 2024 : What is Yoga?

11 - 16 November 2024 : Wise Progression Retreat in Tuscany


6 - 8 December 2024 : Anatomy & The Six Categories of Asana


3 - 5 January 2025 :  The Beauty & Methodology of Tantra


February 2025 : Integration - No Weekend Gathering


7 - 9 March 2025 : Your Subtle Body 


4 - 6 April 2025 : Playing with Prana - Energetics, Vayus & Pranayama in Asana


2 - 4 May 2025 : Pranaśakti & Pranayama in Meditation


6 - 8 June 2025 : Ayurveda & Developing Your Personal Practice

July 2025 : Integration - No Weekend Gathering 


1 - 3 August 2025 : Tantric Meditation & Mantra


5 - 7 September 2025 : Living Your Dharma

Gathering Times


9-11am Pacific / 12-2pm Eastern / 5-7pm UK / 6-8pm Europe


Saturdays & Sundays

5am-12pm Pacific / 8am-3pm Eastern /1pm-8pm in the UK / 2pm-9pm in Europe

Embodied Śakti 

2024 - 2026 SCHEDULE

4 - 6 October 2024 : The Devi Mahatmyam - Facing Down Our Demons

11 - 16 November 2024 : Wise Progression - Retreat in Tuscany

13 - 15 December 2024 : Tantric Methodology - Moon, Sun & Fire

17 - 19 January 2025 : Abhyasa & Vairagya - the Balance of Self Effort & Surrender

February 2025 : Integration - No Weekend Gathering

14 - 16 March 2025 : Developing Vinyasa Krama - Further Focus on Sequencing

18 - 20 April 2025 : Developing Pranayama - Dissolving the Veil

16 - 18 May 2025 : Chitta Prasadanam - Purify the Mind

13 - 15 June 2025 : Subtle Embodiment - Koshas, Chakras & Vayus

July 2025 : Integration - No Weekend Gathering

15 - 17 August 2025 : Discipline to Devotion - Awakening to Kundalini

12 - 14 September 2025 : Vishoka - Joy Beyond the Reach of Suffering

17 - 19 October 2025 : Mantra & the Sacred Fire

14 - 16 November 2025 : Diagnostics - the Right Practice at the Right Time

December 2025 : Integration - No Weekend Gathering

9 - 11 January 2026 : Dharma - Heed Your Calling

Gathering Times


8am-12pm Pacific / 11am-3pm Eastern / 4-8pm UK / 5-9pm Europe


Saturdays & Sundays

5am-12pm Pacific / 8am-3pm Eastern /1pm-8pm in the UK / 2pm-9pm in Europe


Retreat in Tuscany

11 - 16 November, 2024 at Ebbio in Monteriggioni, Tuscany

In the province of Siena lies a 13th century farmhouse, surrounded by seventeen acres of countryside, which has been transformed into a yoga retreat center known as EbbioNestled inside an evergreen forest, Ebbio sits on an extinct volcano that was sacred to the ancient Etruscans, just steps from the medieval walled town of Monteriggioni.

We will gather as a blended community - Śakti Sādhanā and Embodied Śakti to enjoy our in-person retreat at Ebbio.  Embraced by the nourishing nature and culture of Tuscany, immersed in the Himalayan Tradition’s sacred practices and philosophies, our time together will establish a beautiful foundation for the remainder of our time together.

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Your Guides

Natalie Backman

lead teacher for both trainings
Léa-Claude Blache-Pichette

assistant for Śakti Sādhanā

Tantric Yoga has given me an entirely new lease on life. I was once anxiety-riddled, validation-seeking, victim-identifying and doubtful of my worth. After more than a decade of highly dedicated practice and study I now experience life as beautiful and meaningful, and myself as joyful peaceful, steady (most of the time), and grateful to be alive.


My relationship with yoga and spans twenty years and I've been devoted to sharing the teachings of this tradition for the last ten.  In that time, my experience has evolved from physical exercise to a holistic reintegration with my soul. The teaching of Tantric Yoga is integral to my life's purpose and has become my personal spiritual path.  


A 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, I remain a lifelong student of the Himalayan Tradition, profoundly grateful to receive the ongoing guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and the support of the unbroken lineage of Himalayan Tradition.


I share a modern approach to Traditional Tantric Yoga interweaving asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, mantra, meditation, and more. Also certified in Yoga Nidra and Vishoka Meditation, I endeavor to provide a means for true and thorough transformation. I teach only what I have embodied through direct experience, and guide with the intention to facilitate sacred remembrance of Self.​

All I do is an offering to the Divine Mother. It would be an honor to guide you through this journey of healing and help you lay claim to yoga's promises: ultimate freedom and lasting fulfillment.  Jai Maa.

Yoga came into my life without me really asking for it and I am extremely grateful that it did. I was called by this practice more than 15 years ago and it has followed me, near or far, through the different stages of my life (and it’s not over, I know). 


Yoga allows me to question myself and to find the truth, the essential in me. It guides me to a better version of myself every day and reminds me that it’s okay to be who I am, that I have a unique place in this world.


This practice has also been an outstanding tool in a path strewn with anxiety, loss of control or feeling that I’m not able to follow the hectic pace of the society in which I live. It brings me a much needed softness. It allows me to find my center and from that center, engage with the world with ever more love and compassion.


I have accumulated hundreds of training hours simply because the study of yoga in all its forms (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual...) fascinates me. I don’t give much importance to the number of hours I spend studying, but rather I make sure that the practice lives in me and that it accompanies me in nature, in the city, outside or inside. Yoga is, for me, a way of living and I wish to transmit it to anyone who feels called by it. My wish is that everyone finds the unique formula, balance and practice which best serves them. I look forward to sharing with you!

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If you are interested in joining this intimate teacher training, please complete the application at your earliest convenience. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out directly via

We look forward to learning about you and supporting you on your path. I will be in touch to schedule your interview once I have received and reviewed your application.


Apply for Śakti sādhanā




Śakti Sādhanā 200-hour Training $4,108

Embodied Śakti 300-hour Training $5,108


Payment Plans & Scholarships Available.


Payment can be made in full or in monthly installments.

For monthly installments, we require an initial deposit of $608 to reserve your space in the training. Another $500 will bue due one month prior to the start of the training (for a total of $1,108). The balance can be paid in monthly installments of $250.


Reimbursements and Cancellations


Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferrable to another training within two years. Additional payments made can be reimbursed up to the beginning of the training. Once the training has commenced, I ask that all payment plans continue to be honored, and no reimbursements will be made if - for any reason - you are unable to complete the training. Payment can be transferred to a future training, with a transfer fee of 10% of the cost of the training.





Schedule a complimentary consultation with Natalie to explore which, if any, of these trainings is right for you.


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