Sri Yantra

300-hours September 2021 - June 2022

Immerse yourself in the Divine Feminine through the portal of Tantric Yoga.

Rooted in Tradition, with room for Innovation. This training, led collaboratively by Natalie Backman & Karina Guthrie, blossoms from the roots of the sublime teachings of Sri Vidya.


We are creating a brave and innovative space in which to develop your practice and teaching - as well as your life and purpose 'off the mat.'  Through an in-depth study of the Mahavidyas: the ten Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra, we will endeavor to embody the many facets of the Divine, in a systematic - yet exploratory way.  Guided by the correlation between the Mahavidyas and the Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, this training aims to offer opportunities for evolution in both esoteric and highly practical ways.  While the training will undoubtedly stimulate your intellect, our priority is to provide direct experience.  And while discipline is an ever important element of progress on this path, we will invite you to soften toward devotion.

Natalie Backman & Karina Guthrie


Natalie' Backman's relationship with yoga spans 20 years. She has been devoted to sharing the teachings for 8. In that time, yoga has grown from a purely physical experience to a holistic reintegration with her soul. It is a means for mental clarity, emotional stability, purpose, and a spiritual path. As an initiate of the Sri Vidya Tradition, Natalie is profoundly grateful to belong to an unbroken lineage of Tantric Yoga devotees, reaching back several thousand years. Natalie became certified at the 200-hour level in March of 2014, and at the 500-hour level in March of 2017.  She is also certified to guide Yoga Nidra and Vishoka Meditation.  She remains a lifelong student, engaging in on-going study with her teachers, Tracee Stanley and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  Natalie's teaching methodology is a modern approach to Traditional Tantric Yoga weaving together Hatha, Vinyasa Krama, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Meditation, and more. She teaches only what she has embodied through practice and direct experience. Her aim is to provide the opportunities for remembrance of your sacred Self.​ 

Karina Guthrie is an E-RYT 500 and YACEP who, over the last eight years, has lead and co-facilitated nearly forty 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs in Australia and Bali.  Her mission is to empower modern yogis to live inspired and purpose-driven lives by bringing traditional lineage-based teachings to life in a way that feels lively and accessible.

"What I've come to understand about traditional practice is that it's both a science and an art.  It's a science because it contains within it verifiable techniques that will transform our lives, unearth our potential, and lead us, ultimately, to freedom.  It's an art because its ability to reveal life's mysteries to us is predicated on our willingness and ability to trust its practices and surrender fully to the journey.  If we do this, yoga will unlock for us an experience of life as sacred.  When we live the teachings from the inside-out, they transform us.  When we nurture them, they nurture us.  When we empower them through regular practice, they empower us in return.  it is in this spirit I offer these teachings to you."

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September 3-5 The Mahavidyas + the Tantric Worldview

October 1-3 Yoga + The Mind

November 5-7 Mantra, Sanskrit + an Introduction to The Sri Sukta

December 3-5 Dharma: your Soul's Unique Purpose

January 7-8 Vinyasa Krama: Wise + Innovative Sequencing 

February 4-6 Prana: the Guidance to Thrive

March 12-19 Embodied Sakti Retreat
*location TBD + available virtually

April 1-3 Yoga Nidra: the Power of Trustful Surrender
*certification for Yoga Nidra available through a separate course

April 29-May 1 Meditation
*including an introduction to Vishoka Meditation®
Certification for Vishoka Meditation
® is available through a separate course

June 10-12  Bhakti: the Path of Devotion

Friday-Sunday, Times TBD
All Course Recordings will be made available within 24-hours





10-month teacher training (meets virtually one weekend/month September 2021-June 2022) 

3-month bridge course (meets virtually one weekend/month June-September 2021)

Monthly 'office hours' for small group guidance and one-on-one mentorship

Week-long retreat (Location TBD - COVID pending) Will also be available virtually - at a lower investment

$108 to be donated in a philanthropic manner to an organization in India as a collective offering to the Divine

Scholarships and Payment Plans ARE available.  Please note your needs in the application.