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Śakti Rising was born of a desire to bring a greater sense of reverence and beauty to the practice of yoga. In response to a desire to dress up for yoga, rather than dressing down, we have designed a collection of clothes ideal for both practice, and day to day life. It is a reflection of our devotion to the Divine Feminine.

Śakti Rising was created as an opportunity for us to share the love and respect we have for the Yoga Tradition by honoring the culture which birthed yoga and has preserved it for so many to now benefit by it in such profound ways. 

Śakti Rising is a platform through which we are able to nurture a global community of devoted yoginis who are resolved that their whole life be a reflection of their yoga. A community dedicated to uplifting others in genuine and lasting ways. Our apparel is ecologically friendly; our relationships with our partners and employees are equitable and just; our giveback program allows us to make a genuine and sustainable positive change in the lives of incredibly deserving people all over the world.


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