Your true essence is pure, luminous, potent, powerful, transcendent and eternal.


Pause to consider that.  Untouched by the life you’ve lived, the choices you’ve made, the things that have happened to you, this divine spark never tarnishes, fades or goes away.   As identified in verse 1:36 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the essence of who you truly are is a radiant light at the center of your heart, experienced as vishoka, joy beyond all sorrow. 


Many of us have a hard time accepting, or even imagining, a light at the center of our hearts.  We reject the idea that we are anything other than hopelessly flawed, damaged, irreparable beings.  Often we resign ourselves to the belief that we are victims of circumstance forced to struggle through life as best we can, clinging to any fleeting pleasure that comes our way and avoiding pain like the plague.  Yoga has taught me, through direct experience, that there is another way.


How does the practice of yoga begin?  How we begin depends on what we are attracted to.  There are many ways of practicing yoga and pursuing one path will naturally lead to a craving for others.  I was initially drawn to the physical practice of yoga, which we call Asana, because it gave me a way to channel my excessive energy and erratic mind.  Through Asana I developed a relationship with my breath and as stillness became more accessible, I began to explore meditation, as well. Some practitioners prefer an academic pursuit of yogic studies, or are drawn to yoga for its therapeutic benefits.  There is no one right way.  However we begin, the way in which we progress is much the same.  As our practice develops, we become increasingly aware of our holistic nature, realizing that while we are made of body, breath and mind, the sum of our parts is so much more.  Who and what we truly are becomes clear, and our false perceptions – who we are not – begin to fade away.   


This is the gift of yoga.  Through cherished philosophies, practices and techniques, yoga brings us home to ourSelf.  It leads us to a life of peace, purpose, power, unconditional love, and joy beyond all sorrow. 

Are you ready to begin?


My name is Natalie. Yoga has given me an entirely new lease on life. I was once anxiety-riddled, validation-seeking, victim-identifying and doubtful of my worth. I am now joyful, peaceful, mentally and emotionally stable and grateful to be alive.


My relationship with yoga spans twenty years and I've been devoted to sharing the teachings for the last eight.  In that time, yoga has grown from a purely physical experience to a holistic reintegration with my soul. It is a means for mental clarity, emotional stability, my life's purpose, and my spiritual path. As an initiate of the Sri Vidya Tradition, I am profoundly grateful to belong to an unbroken lineage of Tantric Yoga devotees, reaching back several thousand years.  


A 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, a teacher of teachers, I remain a lifelong student. My teachers are Tracee Stanley, YogaRupa Rod Stryker, and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. We are of the Himalayan Tradition, an unbroken lineage of practitioners who have preserved and passed on the wisdom of the Himalayan Masters for thousands of years. 


With reverence, I share a modern approach to traditional tantric hatha yoga, through the modality of vinyasa krama, interweaving asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, mantra, meditation, and more. Everything I offer is in honor of the Divine Mother.  I teach only what I have embodied through practice, as I gain the power of transmission. I guide with the intention to help students not only strengthen and purify the body, calm and stabilize the mind, release self-limiting behaviors and beliefs, and manage vital energy, but most importantly, to facilitate the sweet remembrance of the sacred Self.​

I am a certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher, as well as a certified guide for Yoga Nidra through Tracee Stanley. I share yoga as a means for true and thorough transformation. It isn't a quick fix and it isn't always pleasant or fun, but I know of nothing more worthwhile. I would love to guide you through a journey of healing which eventually leads to the delivery of yoga's promise: ultimate freedom and lasting fulfillment.


Jai Maa!

xx Natalie