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Retreat with Me

Yoga, Culture & adventure


Life is Replete with Beauty


If you believe there is more to life, more to you, than what our contemporary culture would have you think, I invite you to pursue the opportunity to fully realize the truth of that belief.


Why Tuscany 

Tuscany invites us to immerse, unabashedly, in the beauty all around. Savor the flavors, delight in the aromas, and surrender to the soft support of the earth beneath our feet. The land and culture of Tuscany compliment the world view of the Himalayan Tradition ~ that all of life is beautiful because it is an expression of the most beautiful one.

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Three Unique Retreat Opportunities

Spiritual, Cultural & Sailing

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Spiritual Retreat

25 - 31 May 2024


Agriturismo La Fontaccia

Rufina, Florence, Tuscany

2000 €

500 € Deposit

Rooted in the life-affirming wisdom of Sri Vidya, this retreat offers a deeply nourishing spiritual experience drawn from the practices and philosophies of the Himalayan Tradition. Life is a gift and our greatest objective as human beings is to realize this important truth and receive it as such. Traditional Tantric Yoga gives us the means for embracing this philosophy and transforming it into our experience of life.


Our daily practices of yoga and meditation follow a thoughtful and holistic krama, or progression, oriented toward releasing what prohibits us from experiencing life as beautiful, and embracing the freedom and fulfillment that are our birthright. Practice includes recitation of the Daily Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition, a Tantric approach to asana and pranayama, traditional yoga nidra, and Vishoka meditation. The practice is augmented with a study of relevant verses from Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.


Excursions for this retreat include

Forest bathe in Vallombrosa

Soak in the Petriolo Hot Springs

Visit La Verna and the prayer and meditation caves of the great Mystic, San Francesco of Assisi 


Reach out to learn more!

Ciao!  I will be in touch with more details soon... 

Cultural Retreat

8 - 14 June 2024

Agriturismo La Fontaccia

Rufina, Florence, Tuscany


2000 €

500 € Deposit

If you are drawn to the mystique and beauty of Tuscany, and are craving an authentic experience of the region, beyond the typical tourist route, join me on this retreat! We benefit by the closer relationships I've managed to form over the years, as we enjoy an experiential exploration of Tuscan traditions, art, architecture, wine, and cuisine.


Hosted at the agriturismo La Fontaccia, which is owned and operated by my dear friends Elisabetta and Samuele, we will spend the week immersed in the special magic of Tuscany, enhanced by Samuele's whimsical insight, and Betta's home-style cooking.


Excursions on this retreat include...

Shopping like an Italian in the village of Rufina with a visit to the butcher, the baker, and the gelato maker!

Study of the significance of art and architecture in Florence and the important role each played in the colorful history of the city. Tastings in two unique regions of Chianti to savor delicious wine while relaxing amongst the vines.

Venturing to a local waterfall to swim and picnic with locals.

Riding horses through olive orchards and vineyards in the Val di Sieve.

Visiting stunning medieval hilltop towns to imagine what life was like hundreds of years ago - and purchase beautiful crafts and souvenirs to remember your experience by. 


Sailing Retreat
22-29 June 2024

Croatian Islands

1590 € *early bird

1690 € *after 20 November

500 € Deposit

Join me on a sailing retreat through the Croatian Islands! Experience the magic of the Mediterranean by land and sea, hopping from one island to the next. The Dalmatian coast is one of the world's most popular sailing destinations. With the perfect balance of secluded bays, idyllic islands and seaside towns steeped in history. Practice every day in stunning seaside locations, complimented by onboard meditation every evening.


In recent years I have developed a deep love of sailing. Cultivating a relationship with the water element in this powerful form has helped me reconnect with my more emotive, creative, intimate side. Little cools the heat of my anxiety as quickly and sufficiently as bathing in the sea. Experiencing 'one-ness' with the sea endows a deep sense of belonging, of being nurtured, and held. It is an equally adventurous and deeply relaxing experience. I have enjoyed profound meditative experiences while being rocked by gentle waves and caressed by a light sea breeze. I am eager to offer you an opportunity to enjoy the same.

Throughout the week you will be tended to with the best of care by experienced crew including your skipper, hostess, and me!
The Sailing Retreat is suitable for all levels of practitioner. This retreat is intended to encourage a softening into your innate tenderness while simultaneously bolstering your access to courage, strength of character, and spiritual fortitude. Daily practices will include breath training, asana, guided relaxation, and meditation ~ all of which are drawn from the Himalayan Tradition. 



Seven days & nights accommodation on a luxury private yacht, the Oceanis 48

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Safe, simple Sailing lessons with our skipper

All onboard costs, including weekly marina & port fees, fuel, cleaning fees, Tourism taxes.  

No hidden charges or 'departure taxes'

Half board ~ breakfast & lunch onboard ~ Dinners enjoyed onshore at your own expense

No alcohol, though you are welcome to bring your own, in moderation

Snorkeling gear for your usage

Wifi (4G unlimited data)


Cabins are on a twin share basis, so bring family or a friend!

Reach out to learn more!

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