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The Tradition of Tantra

“Self-knowledge is the key that opens the door to freedom...”

~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Tantra is a philosophical system that sees the world as sacred and provides a comprehensive science that empowers you to experience it. Thus, Tantra is two things: a philosophical system that sees the inherent sacredness of existence AND a comprehensive collection of methodologies that unveils this sacredness, making it possible to experience its philosophical core. The intent of Tantra is to ensure that you are forever connected to the inherent sacredness of life and to elevate your relationship to your life as well as your Self.

The literal definition of Tantra is to: “expand beyond all limitations.” Tan means to lengthen, extend or stretch. Tra means to expand; move beyond all limitations; to protect.

The underlying theme of Tantra is that you are under the influence of limitations related to birth, society, finances, health, genetics or karma. What you do to overcome your limitations is Tantra.

Tantra also means “to accelerate.” Your time is short; your energy limited; thus, wanting to use everything at your disposal (body, breath, mind, ayurveda and diet) to expedite your process of awakening is natural and should be pursued.

Continuity is another definition of Tantra. This relates to the principle that not only is it vital that you reach the highest experience of thriving, you must also be able to sustain that experience.

Yet another definition is "to weave.” This refers to the weaving together of the disconnected parts of yourself; the coalescing of any gaps in your consciousness.

Finally, Tantra means, “awe, or “wonder,” “to have your heart touched.” Tantra’s aim is to unlock a fullness of being returning you to the state that nature intended for you. From this fullness, your heart is touched. You experience the satisfaction of being moved, filled with supreme joy and of recognizing your life as a gift. This is the simple, profound awareness that you are blessed to be alive.

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