It never ends,
it just gets deeper...


in cooperation with the Himalayan Institute

May 4th - May 20th, 2022

5:30-8:00am Pacific / 8:30-11:00am Eastern / 1:30-4:00pm UK 

2:30-5:00pm EU+ West Africa / 6:00-8:30pm India / 8:30-11pm Bali  

10:30-1am  AEST


offered live virtually via Zoom

all practices + lectures are recorded and shared daily

$350 Investment

*Fulfills the pre-requisite for the Vishoka Meditation Teacher Training 

Imagine a life free from pain and sorrow—infused with joy and tranquility.
The ancient yogis called this state vishoka, and insisted that we all can reach it. The key is a precise set of meditative techniques designed to unite mind and breath, and turn them inward.

Inherit the Wisdom of a Living Tradition
Vishoka Meditation® is grounded in the authentic wisdom of ancient, yet living, tradition embodied by luminaries including Buddha, Patanjali, and a long line of Siddha masters.

Drawing upon both yoga and tantra, Vishoka Meditation® shares the essence of ancient source texts including the Yoga Sutra, Lotus Sutra and Shiva Sutra.

Experience Vishoka Meditation®
The heart of Vishoka Meditation is a technique that is spiritually-grounded, yet highly systematic and experiential. But Vishoka Meditation is more than technique—it is a living practice supported by a rich body of wisdom, refined over countless generations.

This Course fulfills the pre-requisite for the Vishoka Meditation® Teacher Training!

The Yoga of Inner Radiance
28-Day Meditation Practice


March 18th  - April 14th, 2022

6:30-7:30am Pacific


we meet virtually daily via Zoom

all practices recorded and made available day of


$200 for First Time Meditators

$50 for Dedicated Practitioners

Practices are recorded and shared daily.

How might your life be transformed if you were to discover within yourself, an eternal reservoir of sorrow-less joy?  This is what meditation is for. Maybe you are familiar with meditation, maybe you’ve dabbled, maybe you’ve never tried, but feel called to its many benefits.  This is for all of you.

WE RISE is a 28-day guided group meditation practice.  We are an international community of meditators dedicated to receiving the promises of Vishoka Meditation, rooted in an ancient body of wisdom, more relevant now than ever.

The meditation techniques shared in WE RISE have been preserved and passed down through the Himalayan Tradition. Simultaneously simple and profound, they are accessible for all levels of practitioner. Their impact and  effectiveness develop exponentially with consistency and devotion in practice.

This system of meditation is based in our experience of the real world, and employs an effortless approach for developing sensitivity to accept the invitation to joyful surrender.  Through these techniques, we will develop a worldview which is hopeful, powerful, purposeful, transformative and transcendent.

a group study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
Join our community for an ongoing study of the Yoga Sutras through Pandit Rajmani Tigunait's translation and commentary. Beginning with Chapter One, Samadhi Pada, we will  unlock the secret of the Yoga Sutra by reading the sutras one by one and engaging in lively conversation around how they pertain to us as individuals and as a collective in real life.
Mondays 12:00 Pacific via Zoom
Beginning January 2nd, no end in sight...


Suggested donation of $20/month

 Ongoing participation encouraged, drop-ins welcome

The Yoga Sutra is the living source wisdom of the Yoga tradition. Using it as a guide, we can unlock the hidden power of Yoga and experience the promise of Yoga in our life. The Yoga Sutra is as fresh today as it was 2,200 years ago when it was discovered by the sage Patanjali. By applying its living wisdom in our practice, we can achieve the purpose of life - lasting fulfillment and ultimate freedom. 

Every time I read Patanjali's Yoga Sutras I am astounded by the wisdom they contain.  They are an intricate, in depth manual for maximizing our experience of humanity.  Many of us in the west begin our foray into yoga outside of the context of the Yoga sutras, and so miss out on the profound possibility yoga contains.  

In Patanjali's first chapter of the Yoga Sutra, he dives deeply into the nature of the human mind - its promises and its pitfalls. He explores the nature of suffering, as well as revealing what is known as the 'secret' of the yoga sutra, the true nature of the self, divine, radiant, self-luminous joy beyond the reach of all suffering.

For this satsang we will use Pandit Rajmani Tigunait's commentary on the Yoga Sutras as our guide. Beginning with first chapter, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada. Panditji's book is the first practitioner oriented commentary that is fully grounded in a living tradition. it shares the essence of Pandit Tigunait's rigorous scholarly understanding of the Yoga Sutra through the filter of experiential knowledge gained through decades of advanced yogic practices and enriched by the gift of living wisdom he received from the masters of the Himalayan Tradition.

Embody the Divine Feminine through
Sacred Ritual + Yoga Nidra


Dates TBD


Live via Zoom

Investment: $300

Uncover a sacred space where you can take refuge and receive deep healing in the form of nurturance, guidance, and grace. Through the time honored practice of Yoga Nidra, we will create a Ritual of Rest. This rest will awaken us to the truth of who we are and draw awareness to the transitions happening within us and in our world.

A deeply nourishing experience for body, mind and soul,  we will explore rituals which bring beauty and devotion to our practice and our life.  Offered as a series of mini-retreats in the comfort of your own home, we will gather virtually, but through the magic of ritual and Yoga Nidra, we will transcend the limitations of the virtual realm. Each week you will receive support for at-home self-care rituals, recipes for tonics and treats, music, poetry, journaling, and contemplations to open your heart.  You will also receive a recording of each practice for daily nourishment. 

We will invoke Divine Feminine through gentle movement, mantra, ceremony, visualization, and Yoga Nidra. I invite you to open yourself to the mystical aspects of this practice and experience the depth of remembrance available to you.


Guided in Collaboration by

Natalie Backman + Danielle Graham

Are you ready to move away from fear and limitation - toward freedom and fulfillment?  Are you ready to let go of your victimhood and become the hero of your story?  Are you ready to claim your birthright: a peaceful mind, joyful heart, and unique purpose in life?  Okay then, let's get to it. 

Six Months Begins Soon - Stay Tuned For Details!

Investment: $1,108

Scholarships are available

'To rise or come forth into view, as from concealment or obscurity...'

We are looking for twenty brave souls ready to step into the fullest expression of themselves. The journey will be intense, transformative, and deeply nourishing. The teachings and practices are directly inspired by the Yoga Sutra as shared through the teachers in the Himalayan Tradition. 

EMERGE is a 6-month journey to the center of YOU.  Using yoga and tantra as our guide, we will traverse uncharted territory through the trials and tribulations of our minds, to the joyful radiance of our hearts, and EMERGE with a tangible grasp on our purpose in life: that which delivers ultimate freedom and lasting fulfillment.


EMERGE is taught in Three Stages

  • Stage I : Exonerate the Mind restore the mind's inherent pristine nature through 

  • Stage II : Embolden the Heart through trustful surrender, remember the joy inherent to your heart, and delight in the experience of life. 

  • Stage III : Embody your Purpose guided by ancient Tantric wisdom, identify your soul's desires and how they unlock your soul's unique purpose - that which propels you to truly thrive.