Designed to elevate your practice, whether you are a beginner or have years of experience,

there is always more to explore. 

It never ends,

it just gets deeper...

Embodying the Yamas & Niyamas
10-Week Immersion

Next round dates TBD

Live Virtual Sessions offered via Zoom 

Support practices including asana, pranayama, meditation and self-reflection are pre-recorded and provided weekly.


Teachers, Natalie Backman and Chris Johnson, are students of Tracee Stanley and members of the Himalayan Tradition. 

Sliding Scale: $200-$30 or $250-$350 for 30-hour CE

Tantric yoga is a systemic approach to cultivating, containing and wielding power. Traditional yoga asks us to become steeped in a code of ethics to illumine our shadows and supercharge our light. This code is known as the Yamas & Niyamas, the first and second limbs of the Royal Path.  


What happens if we dive into practice without undergoing a process of purification?  We empower our shadows along with our light.  We unintentionally supercharge our neuroses and lose sight of the end-goal, a more peaceful relationship with ourselves and our world.  In the Tradition, we embrace the ethics of yoga because without these observances and restraints, we are likely to reinforce our harmful behavior and beliefs.

PURIFIED POWER is an in-depth, community-based exploration of the Yamas and Niyamas.  It’s well and good to discuss yogic ethics as theory, but as a practitioner, it is imperative we embody them.  The course will include the study of commentaries by Vyasa, David Frawley and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, as well as discussions around the contemporary relevance and application of the Yamas and Niyamas, influenced by thinkers such as Michelle C. Johnson.  Through these studies and discussions, along with asana, meditation, and self-reflection we will accelerate the process of embodiment and propel our journey toward a pure and empowered experience of life.


PURIFIED POWER is recommended for students of all levels and qualifies as 30-hours of Continued Education through Yoga Alliance.   



2021 Dates TBD pending due to the pandemic

Agriturismo La Fontaccia

Rufina, Tuscany, Italy

Join me for this very special visit to Tuscany during Olive Harvest Season!  Participate in the local tradition which dates back hundreds of years.

$1,450 all inclusive (double occupancy)

$350 Deposit to Reserve your Space

Deposit non-refundable
Space is limited to 12 guests ~ All rooms are double occupancy

Nestled in the lush Tuscan countryside just outside of Florence, your Italian home away from home is the Agriturismo La Fontaccia, a restored 200-year-old farm home owned and operated by locals of the region, Samuele & Elisabetta.  

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Appropriate for all levels of practitioner – all practices are optional


Lodging at the beautiful Agriturismo La Fontaccia near Florence, Tuscany

All rooms are double occupancy and require sharing a bathroom with another person


Breakfast & Dinner at La Fontaccia featuring local, seasonal, traditional Tuscan cuisine

Lunch included most days, WINE IS INCLUDED with dinner


Cultural Excursions & Activities Including Olive Harvest with visit to the local olive press and a bottle of fresh oil to take home, Traditional Italian cooking class, visit to local Goat Farm with Pecorino Cheese Tasting, Wine Tasting with Tuscan Snacks at the Pomino Vineyard

Optional excursions includE Hot Springs, Nature Walks, Horse-Back Riding,

 visit to museums and historical sites in Florence, day trips to Sienna, Luca, Cortona & more


Rental Car Transportation around Tuscany

Yoga & Meditation Retreat 
in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


2021 dates TBD pending the pandemic

Fivelements Resort & Spa, Ubud

Reserve your Space with $500 Deposit

Retreat Offerings Include

Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Lodging at the Stunning Fevelements Eco Chic Resort & Spa

Gourmet Vegan Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Traditional Fire Blessing
Traditional Water Blessing
Healing Massage

Airport Transfers


Lodging Options
Single Occupancy (King Bed): $2,700/person
Double Occupancy (King Bed) $2,000/person

For Yourself, For our World
28-Day Meditation Practice


December 29th, 2020 - January 25th, 2021

7-7:30am pacific time

virtual via Zoom

Sliding Scale Investment: $100-$200

Are you ready to move toward the promises of yoga: ultimate freedom and lasting fulfillment?  Meditation is the key.  Maybe you are familiar with meditation, maybe you’ve dabbled, maybe you’ve never tried, but feel called to its many benefits. 

This is for you.


WE RISE is a daily guided group meditation practice designed to help us RISE by making peace with uncertainty, and embracing inevitable change.


Join me 7-7:30 every morning for 28-days to meditate together live via Zoom.  

*practices are recorded to enjoy at your convenience.


These meditation techniques have been preserved and passed down through the Himalayan Tradition.  Simultaneously simple and profound, they are appropriate for beginner and advanced alike.  Following a weekly theme, the practices will build in potency with a culminating practice at the end of each week.

For Deep Awakening
4-week Immersion in Yoga Nidra


November 8th - 29th

3-5:00 pacific time

virtual via Zoom

Sliding Scale Investment: $100-$200

Uncover a sacred space where you can take refuge and receive deep healing in the form of nurturance, guidance, and grace. Through the time honored practice of Yoga Nidra, we will create a Ritual of Rest. This rest will awaken us to the truth of who we are and draw awareness to the transitions happening within us and in our world.

A deeply nourishing experience for body, mind and soul,  we will explore rituals which bring beauty and devotion to our practice and our life.  Offered as a series of mini-retreats in the comfort of your own home, we will gather virtually, but through the magic of ritual and Yoga Nidra, we will transcend the limitations of the virtual realm. Each week you will receive support for at-home self-care rituals, recipes for tonics and treats, music, poetry, journaling, and contemplations to open your heart.  You will also receive a recording of each practice for daily nourishment. 

We will invoke Divine Feminine through gentle movement, mantra, ceremony, visualization, and Yoga Nidra. I invite you to open yourself to the mystical aspects of this practice and experience the depth of remembrance available to you.

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