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Prior to engaging in a meaningful practice, we must prepare.  The system of Tantric Hatha prescribes a series of strength and purification practices for body and mind.  These include rigorous physical postures (asana), breath techniques, diet and lifestyle adjustments.  We continue to strengthen and purify as we progress to keep the body and mind healthy throughout the journey.

MOON Practice

Medicine for the modern mind, Moon Practice is a deep, challenging and nourishing Asana practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating stability and calmness of both body and mind.  Standing poses and floor work, coupled with a focus on conscious and extended exhalations are used to guide awareness inward to touch that pure space of stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind.  Moon practice is the foundation of all Tantric Hatha practices that follow.  

SUN Practice

Sun Practice invites us to deepen our relationship to Prana, the energy that sustains us and all life.  A more dynamic practice than Moon, the Solar path rides the line between cultivating the power we need to excel and the sensitivity we need to touch the subtler planes of reality.  In addition to Asanas that open the chest and upper body and an emphasis on developing the inhalation, here we see the introduction of the deeper Tantric practices such as Bandpass and Mudras to increase the voltage and radiance in the body.  A steady and calm mind is a necessity on the solar path.  

FIRE Practice

Igniting the radiant power of Soul, FIRE Practice uses asana as the framework, incorporating Tantric elements of mantra, bandha and mudras, to still the mind, cultivate energy, burn through limitations and safely call forth the sacred power at the base of the spine.  The arc of physical challenge increases in Fire practice with the inclusion of inversions.  The emphasis is on the cultivation of internal heat, centered in the navel, while directing awareness and energy into the spine, our pathway to the Infinite.  Ignite your fire and thrive.  


Yoga without meditation isn't yoga.  Yoga is first and foremost a practice for the mind.  Through conscious breath and meditation we learn how our mind functions,  resolve the disturbances which cause suffering and develop the mind as the exceptional tool that it is, while fulfilling its purpose of bringing us home to the soul.   

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a time honored practice of deep relaxation leading to transcendence by way of grace.  Deeply rooted in a Tradition of direct experience, Yoga Nidra is a methodology for deep healing of body and mind on conscious and sub conscious levels.  Yoga Nidra is a practice of surrender, release, letting go.  Practiced in a supine position, Yoga Nidra is complimentary to healthy asana and meditation practices.

Chair Yoga 

Chair Yoga is a combination of seated and standing postures, breath, and meditation.  We progress toward increased stability, mobility, strength, balance and peace of mind.  Practices include asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow you to explore all that yoga has to offer in a prescriptive way.  Incorporating philosophy, psychology, diet and meditation, as well as physical practice, private lessons are an opportunity to engage all of these aspects in a highly customized way leading to enhanced freedom and fulfillment.  Ideal for beginners, students with unique health conditions and advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice.  Sliding scale $65-125/hour.

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